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Platform Scales

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Over the last 40+ years, Thames Side has specifically developed a range of load cells, weighing assemblies and instrumentation/electronics for the accurate weighing of items placed onto platform scales.

Platform scales are industry standard equipment for weighing small or large items as they move from one location to another. From small retail stores to large factory warehouses, their abundance is growing. Usually square or rectangular, they experience many different environmental conditions. Common requirements are:

  • Precision
  • Repeatability
  • Durability and reliability
  • Simple, fast commissioning and maintenance
  • Cost efficiency

Industrial platform scales have further requirements, for example a high IP rating to protect the sensitive weighing components from moisture, chemicals, high pressure hot water jets and steam cleaning nozzles.

Thames Side has a range of load cells specially designed for the harsh environmental conditions that platform scales often experience.

Solutions for single cell platforms

For single cell platforms up to 800 x 800 mm in size, 4 models of single point load cell are available at competitive prices. Their construction ranges from fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel (IP68 & IP69K) to silicone sealed nickel plated steel (IP66). The T11 and T12 models are OIML approved to 3000 divisions (C3) with the T12A and T16 having approval to 4000 divisions (C4).  Of equal importance to the load cell is the cable; these models are fitted with a durable polyurethane cable having a high resistance to UV radiation, impacts and chemical attack when compared with PVC cable.

Solutions for multiple cell platforms

When the platform scale is larger than 800 x 800 mm in size, or where additional stability or shock protection is required, 4 load cells are often used.  A bending beam or shear beam load cell is mounted at each corner. With Thames Side’s range of load cells, precision is assured, moisture ingress is eliminated and the price is competitiveOIML approval to 3000 divisions (C3) is a standard feature, with a range of different construction materials and sealing to meet a range of budgets.

The T66, T85 and T85-T load cells are fitted with a durable polyurethane cable with a high resistance to UV radiation, impacts and chemical attack. And for applications requiring very high accuracy, the model T66 load cell is available optionally with OIML C6 (6000 divisions) approval.

The T85, T85-N and T85-T shear beam load cells have optimised pre-corner adjustment, calibrated in mV/V/Ohm by output current matching at ± 0.05%. This greatly reduces corner correction setup time to a minimum.

We also offer a range of load feet for different environmental conditions. Consisting of stainless steel and rubber components, each load foot provides a stable and rigid base for the platform scale and is designed to provide optimum load introduction to the sensor.

No matter what type of platform is required, Thames Side can offer cost-optimised, reliable, repeatable load cells with the IP rating and level of precision to suit the application.

Further information

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